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Sims evolution or polishing my skills
While clicking through my old screenshots I found a few that I made on purpose to show myself how my simmaking skills are improving (I hope...). I was laughing so hard when I found those XD And then I looked at my sims (Vocaloids mostly) in BodyShop and re-modified those a bit, too.
So here we go, I want to show you guys.

ヽ(=◎ ω ◎=;)ノ

Let's start with ugly-ass Hijikata sim that I made 2-3 years ago, compared to the new one that I made

Somebody just kill me now 〜(/;´Д`)/ .
I am so proud of this one. Okita-san would not forgive me if I've left his sim like the first one I did! XD
Look how sexy he is now ╭(╯3╰)╮

Vocaloids are down here

Here is Luka. Now a sexy lady ^^

MEIKO. Super cute, ne?

I completely changed Gakupo's face so he don't look like a transvestite alien now

Miku. *o*

Rin. I'm in love with her now **

Len. I hope he is still "hot" (according to your comments gaiz) I forgot to put headphones on him in the second picture

I left Kaito's facial structures the same, because I already edited him a few months ago and I think he is alright. Instead of him, here are his insane brothers (Taito is in the wrong outfit, sorry)

This one is just for fun. I created Chibi-Miku and Baby-Miku a long time ago, hadn't have a chance to show them to you guys ^^

Random... O.o

I hope you guys liked it. Comment me and show me looove~!
(you can click on pictures to enlarge them if you want)

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THIS IS AMAZING! i luv your sims, they look sooo realistic and cute!!! especially Vocaloids OMG OMG!
the last picture of Miku scared me :'D


How I can download this sims??? They are very cute!!!! :DD


Where can I find the hair for Rin & Len? I've been looking for ones like that, FOREVERRRRR, so if you could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

Oh, and do you happen to have A+S=Error's headphones? Or if you still have the VOCALOID2 Magnet Headphone accessories? If not, it's fine--I have them in my other computer, but I have over 3GB worth of CC (after 2 years, mwahaha) and I -really- didn't want to search through all those files. =u=;; Thank you!

♥ me-rii

Hello there. Rin and Len's hair are butterfly sims' donation hair, I bought them.
Why, yes I do have A+S=Error's headphones, and magnet's stuff, but I have over 12 GB CC stuff -____- and I don't think I have a permission to share those files. Anyway, you can find magnet headphones by going to my deviantart page. I think under my Miku's Magnet version picture, or Rin&Len Magnet picture, somebody posted a link to MeloArt's blog, where you can find those.
I also can give you a link to A+S web site, so you can download the headphones from there.
Other than that, thank you for the comment!


homg, that is a LOT of CC. lmao! xD
It's ok--I can find them much easier than you can through all the files.

And thanks, I'll check them out! c:

♥ me-rii

As a token of helping me out! Well, if you didn't have them already. xD

They have some nice outfits, hairs, make-up, and accessories for the TS2 & (some) TS3. c:

A+S=Error blog:
Sims Artist Union blog:
Janita's blog:
Maynarakmak's blog:
Vera's Atelier:


^ has these amazing headphones, too! :D

Helena (amazing fantasy clothes):
Avikapang (Avika): and
Ran (amazing fantasy stuff *A*):

And there's a buttload more, but... yeah, I haven't bothered to visit them all.

Thank you. I visit those web sites frequently, and that's probably why I have a ton of CC.
Thank you anyway for the links, I think the readers of my blog will appreciate that!

One time when I will not be as lazy as always I will make a post of links that I use to download my sims stuff. Most of them are Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Russian, but I think some people maybe will be able to find/download amazing stuff that they are creating!

P.S: btw, maby people asked about Rin's bow that I use. It is zanki99's bow, but I just recolored it plain white.

A comprehensive list would be amazing *A* lmaoo, I'm way too lazy to do that (more like I have enough on my hands as it is xD)! I've spent three days downloading stuff & I finally stopped so I can start a legacy, ffff. c: FINALLY.

I just got my Sims 2 onto my new laptop so I had to dl new CC. :/ But some sites are down now, etc. So disheartening. I had been using my other laptop for the last five years, and, in that time, all the CC creators have stopped/moved/disappeared. ;A; /sigh.

I already have adorable usamimis from Peggy, so I'm good on that! ^u^ I was planning on doing a story+pictures using TS2 based on 右肩の蝶. :'D It's a fanfic that uses that song as a theme. c: I'm still too lazy to do that, pffft. c;

Hopefully this time will be different, ahaha~

♥ me-rii

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