Sims evolution or polishing my skills
While clicking through my old screenshots I found a few that I made on purpose to show myself how my simmaking skills are improving (I hope...). I was laughing so hard when I found those XD And then I looked at my sims (Vocaloids mostly) in BodyShop and re-modified those a bit, too.
So here we go, I want to show you guys.

ヽ(=◎ ω ◎=;)ノ

Let's start with ugly-ass Hijikata sim that I made 2-3 years ago, compared to the new one that I made

Somebody just kill me now 〜(/;´Д`)/ .
I am so proud of this one. Okita-san would not forgive me if I've left his sim like the first one I did! XD
Look how sexy he is now ╭(╯3╰)╮

Vocaloids are down here
super special awsome ultra super sexy transformation sequenceCollapse )

Everyday life with some awkward sims~
Duh herro!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚’✿,。・:*:・゚’❁

This post will be long, random and funny. Here are some ( I mean a ton) of pictures of my sims (including Vocaloid, One Piece, Gintama, Durarara, Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, Reborn, etc)
So ... enjoy! I guess...

Lose your mental virginity hereCollapse )

( ̄0 ̄)こ( ̄ー ̄)ん( ̄〇 ̄)ば( ̄ー ̄)ん( ̄〇 ̄)わ !
I'm kinda back~... (do to dooo!) So yeah, I wan't active for almost a year (;゜0゜), but i didn't even noticed it! I'm sorry, sorry , verry sorry! But now I'm back, it's almost summer and I will (finally!) have some time to play around with my sims! So, welsome back, lazy-ass me (●⌒∇⌒●)
I have some good news for you guys, ..first - I have done (and still working) on some new sims, pictures of which I will be posing down here (they are raw and crappy, that's why I'm not posting them to deviantart yet).  Aaaaaand anothe
r, BIG ONE - I'm probably going to unlock and re-post my sims, since I'm being very nice and you guys were asking me about those A LOT! :D


I hope that this whole stealing and not-crediting stuff will not happen again, so... I'm insane. Because insanity is when you are ding the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (c).
 and now
as i promised, just to show-off some new stuff~ Here are we go~!
OMG DON"T LOOK :DCollapse )

Cut it down. I'm angry
Okay, I think that's it. I'm gonna remove all of my sims from download. If people can't credit me and put a link to my page when they post pictures and videos using my sims, if they think that they can change facial structure a little bit -then they can say that the sim is their? They can send it to somebody like there was never such man as NegativeDanna?
You know guys, I'm tired of this. I was so happy that people like my stuff, I uploaded it for free for you, I'm always trying to find some time in my freaking busy schedule to sit the whole night making new stuff,new sims,taking screenshots,editing it in photoshop, making freaking packages, cutting and montaging videos, uploading them to the web that you can have them.... And people are just so greedy and selfish? Then why don't you do it the way I do? If you think if you changed the skin color or hair style in my sim, or made his eyes/nose/whatever bigger/smaller/whatever it's yours? Then post it like that! Like I posted my Vocaloids. SimalCast only made clothing for them that I'm NOT putting up anywhere, I'm posting my sims with my facial structure and with stuff that I find, re-textured, re-colored.
Yes, I suck at making meshes. I suck at making pose boxes or accessories. But if I took something from somebody who asked me to tell everybodyelse that it was his/her creation- I did it.
And I'm just... just so upset right now. I never thought that this will happens... Even on dA, ...oh my God. I'm just ...В шоке.

That's it for today. I'm going to sleep.

Casual Vocaloid Sims for download
So as I already said in dA, I'm posting my Vocaloid sims. but WITHOUT SimalCasts' Vocaloid outfits. If you want to download clothing see the post below abot SimalCast's blog.

So, okay, I packed them because lots of people asked me to do so, so I'm glad that you like my creations, even that they are crap not really god as I think ^^
I did only bodyshop screenshot for you too see how they are packed. I'm sorry for the bad quality.
(Click on picture to enlarge)

Miku Hatsune














Any questions? Write in comments/on deviantart.

Too much photoshop?
Isn't that ridiculous?
Am I using TOO much photoshop on my sims? Ok, guys I just wanted to say one thing - I use photoshop to make GOOd pictures with my sims. Everybody uses it! Without editing it picture will look dark, uninteresting, blury, etc. I don't use that much photoshop on sims as I use on people =3=  Quit whining.

Yeah, also. New Magnet Project.

(Len don't even need much photoshop )

Bad quality screenshots
Where is too much?!!!

SimalCast's donwloading tutorial
who is your danna
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey gaiz!
I'm sorry for being absent this long. Also, I will try to use lj as much as possible! ^^
Ok, so I have couple of people that asks me 'How to download vocaloid outfits from SimalCast's bolg?' 'I'm confused! I don't understand japanese! How to download those?' etc. So I decided to make a little tutorial to show you guys how to do it step-by-step.


-You go to Airo's blog:


-You scroll down and find 'Download' section. And click on it.

-Here we go! So now you can see the entry with the picture of Vocaloid sims. See red kanji under that picture? Click on it!

-There under every picture of individual Vocaloid will be his/her name and 'pass'. This is the password that you will need later, so you can copy it. (IMPORTANT: When you will copy the password don't copy the word "pass"! Copy only after the colon!)
I used Rin as an example.

-Next, you need to click on the name of the Vocaloid sim qhich is red. The new page appeared? Good. That's just what you need. Don't be scared of japanese kanji all over the place! ^___^ And scroll down!

-Did you scroll down? Can you see the 'Download Password'? Good. That's where you paste your pass from step 4. When you're finished click the button with kanji on it.

-Did you click on the button? The page changed? Scroll down. Click on the kanji button!

-THAT'S IT! You're file will pop-up soon, if not, click on download now and.... CONGRATULATIONS!

That's it! I hope that will help ya!

who is your danna
Livejournal? Finally I created one. But I have no idea why and for what. I'm not a 'diary' person, so... Ok, whatever. I ahve lots of random stuff in my mind so don't be afraid. Yeah.

Tomorrow i have test,quiz and role-play in school. Dammit. I don't want to study. I don't want to go there. I don't want to go anywhere. Phew...

Hey, did you see Kämpfer?! I notice one thing - freakin' Hatsune Miku's cosplay by Mikoto LOL

*she will eat us*


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